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Dress Code and Success

Its 6:00AM on Monday morning, and I feel so fired up because I love Monday even though it is a big enemy to most of my peers who always seem to have glamorous filled weekends. I have learned to say goodbye to the bliss of my happy moments and to welcome new beginnings, which usually start on Monday mornings with goals for the week and plans for weekend and I am going to dress up my mood and show off the mental enthusiasm because I am bold and confident. I grew up in the hills of Kisoro-Uganda, therefore dressing up was not influential to my success as a child. So, I constantly assumed that style and dressing to impress is not for me.  Fortunately, most of my friends are so natural at fashion and I always thought that they tried too hard and that success had nothing to do with me wearing a power suit to an interview.  I vividly remember my ill-fitting black coat that I used for interviews after University and yes, I did not get any of the jobs I wanted. I was aspiring to be a manager but dressed like I had just arrived from Virunga. What is intriguing is that style is sometimes the only difference between the managers and their subordinates. They hire the masterminds to do all the donkey work and dress up for meetings to present the work , which is where the big bucks are made and its always clear to the recipient who the leaders are, from first impression. First impression by definition is instant and that means that it takes seconds for a complete stranger to formulate a positive or negative opinion of you based on your appearance alone. I am not in any way saying that wearing suits, […]