At Uphill Health,

we create value for our clients by leveraging the power of our expertise.

We provide healthcare consulting services that are as wide ranging and diverse as the healthcare field itself. From small, one day engagements to large, multi-year undertakings, our team of consulting professionals are accustomed to handling the varying needs of today’s healthcare providers.

We connect with our clients to define and prioritize their critical challenges, design the best strategies, and activate impactful solutions to create breakthrough, sustainable outcomes to enable them to transform and improve the organization’s profit potential. 

Some of those reasons may have to do with project planning, assessing operational concerns, healthcare workforce or assisting in the organizations with quality improvement programs.  Whatever the reason, our healthcare consultants bring a collection of proven experience, technical ability, and infectious energy to every project.

Service Offerring

Our consulting services can take many forms depending on the need of the client and the emerging issues within their organization. Our team provides expertise in the areas of:

Healthcare strategy planning and execution

Whether you’re revisiting the strategy of your entire healthcare organization, opening a new service or simply looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage in a crowded healthcare marketplace, we will help you do it

New healthcare business and facility set up

It’s easy enough to say we need to “redesign the way our emergency rooms work” or “start a hospital.” But to be effective, projects must go from a one-sentence idea to a fully managed process. Our offering for projects evolves around the four foundation stages of initiation, planning, implantation and evaluation.

HR and people management

Because effective people management can have such a major effect on the overall performance of a business, we have mastered the art of stimulating a positive work atmosphere and managing people effectively. It is -critical that healthcare and medical providers find a Human resources provider that understands the intricacies involved in managing Human resources for health. The highly efficient help of uphill health judicious experts is what every healthcare facility desires to save lives and achieve its overall objectives

High performance healthcare leadership

We take a uniquely evidence-based approach to understanding what high-performance means for frontline healthcare leaders and their teams. Using case studies and lessons from healthcare management research, we equip healthcare leaders with domains of knowledge, skill and behavior through which high-performance is delivered.

Patient experience & Service excellence

We will equip you and your team with all the knowledge and practical tools you need to measure and improve patient experience, motivate and support caregivers and build a patient centered health care service.

Healthcare operations and patient flow management

Uphill’s involvement in your operations will provide an overview across myriad disciplines, systems and tools to drive the change necessary to meet the demands of today’s healthcare patients and stakeholders. With a hands-on approach, we will work with your teams to operations of your facility and create a smooth flow of delivery of health care services to patients and communities to ultimately save and improve lives.

Assessments and benchmarks

Maybe your concern is about specific areas of your medical Practice, such as collecting accounts receivable, staff productivity and vendor contracting. Or perhaps your interest is in a much broader view of your business that includes the full spectrum of what makes a Medical Practice an organized, stable, and successful healthcare company within your market. In either case, a professional assessment has the power to move your business operations from where they are to where they need to be.

Healthcare regulation and policies

The policies and practices of healthcare organizations must be adaptable to its competitive environment, aligned with the law and with the business conditions it faces. Our experts will assist your organization in drafting and updating organizational policies.

Contracting specialists

We will assist your organization to engage, partner and attract reputable consultants as required to drive volumes to the facility and discuss partnership models that will create a win win.

With each engagement we employ methodologies that we have perfected over time.  What’s more, we make a concerted effort to communicate with our clientele in ways that keep them informed, active participants in the necessary steps toward their organization’s successful future.  We are a healthcare consulting service you can count on.